Searching For The Best Scar Cream? You’ll find any number of products that lay claim to being the best scar cream on the market. If you do a search on the Internet, you’ll be confronted with ad after ad, and claim after claim to that effect. The reviews will tell you what creams are the most popular, which at least tells you something. The question you want to be asking yourself however, is whether or not these creams really work, and if so, how they work. If the result of your investigation is positive, you can begin your search for the number one scar cream out there.

When you think about it, phrases like ‘doctor recommended’ or ‘clinically proven’ really don’t mean much of anything. ‘Recommended by the American Medical Association’ or ‘results of testing performed and documented at the Mayo Clinic’ would on the other hand carry a great deal of weight.

Scars Often Take Time to Heal – With or Without Help


Tiny scars often heal quickly, or at least become so small as to no longer be noticeable. Larger scars can take months to heal. Some will take up to two years to heal, and there are those that never completely go away. If you purchase a scar cream and use it faithfully for up to a year, and the scar gradually disappears, you may have convinced yourself that you purchased the best scar cream ever. You might be so happy with the results that you submit a review recommending it to others. The problems is, the scar may well have healed on its own, and the scar cream may have contributed little if anything towards the healing process. The cream may have kept the skin soft and lubricated, which will aid the healing process, but the cream may not have been directly involved in the actual healing.


What can complicate your search for the best of fastest working scar cream even more is the fact that not everyone heals equally. Scars on different parts of your body don’t always heal equally. You may have noticed that sometimes a scar will heal rather quickly, while at other times a scar seems to take forever to disappear.


reported on a study conducted in 2009. In this study it was demonstrated that claims for various scar creams greatly exaggerated what the products were actually capable of doing. In fact, there was scant clinical evidence to indicate that most of the products actually worked at all.  The Academy would be a nice place to be able to refer to when advertising a skin care product. If you were to ask members of the Academy what the best scar cream is however, the answer you would likely get would be petroleum jelly.


Moisture is Not Only the Secret to Healing – It is a Necessity


skin careFor a scar to heal properly it has to be kept moist. That means it has to be kept covered. If a scar cream contributes anything at all to the healing process it would most likely be when the cream is constantly applied, and the scarred area is being kept moist for at least the majority of the time. There’s little evidence to suggest that the chemical makeup of the cream contributes much to the actual healing process. One of the reasons that petroleum jelly seems to work about as well as anything is that it does a good job of covering and moisturizing the scar. Keeping the area moist is particularly important for large scars. For larger scars, the body sometimes produces too much collagen. Too much collagen results in a raised scar which can be difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of. A moist environment tends to keep an excess of collagen from forming.


Silicon Sheets Hold Some Promise


One solution that does seem to work is silicon sheets. It is not clear what the silicon actually does, but the sheets do appear to promote more rapid healing and the reduction of scar tissue. These sheets to hold in moisture, which is part of the reason they work as well as they do, but there is something else that goes on that is not all that well understood. Silicon sheets were first used to treat burn victims, as they helped to keep scars from forming in the first place.




If you have a scar that you want to see go away, it can be a tough decision at times to simply let nature take its course. You may wait 6 months to a year and not much will have happened. People can’t be blamed for looking for a product that is ‘clinically proven’ to work. Some of the over-the -counter products can become quite expensive if they are to be used continuously over a period of several months to a year. What you may be paying when you purchase some of these products is the peace of mind that goes with knowing you are at least doing something.


What is the best scar cream? It might just be petroleum jelly.